Vodafone Develops Drone Detection System

drone detection system

Vodafone Develops Drone Detection System

British telecommunications giant Vodafone have reportedly developed a drone detection system in the hope of stopping rogue devices from interfering with buildings, including power plants and prisons.

As drone technology continues to improve, several organisations have voiced their concern about the potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) causing security risks or being used for malicious purposes.

The system created by Vodafone is reportedly based on software that uses CCTV cameras and sensors that run on the company’s internet network, which will sound an alarm and alert both Vodafone and the customer, or its security provider, upon the appearance of a drone.

It is thought that the system could also be used to locate the person that is operating the UAV.

According to the Financial Times, Vodafone plans to have the system fully operational later this year and sell it to business customers in need of protecting sensitive locations.

Anne Sheehan, Vodafone’s head of enterprise in the UK, told the Financial Times: “Drones can pose security risks. In the UK, we’re developing internet of things drone tracking and safety technology in a number of locations where we have important infrastructure.

“We are now looking to use this technology to help our business customers in a bid to thwart drone incursions at sensitive locations. These could be energy installations, airports, prisons, military bases and public events.”

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