Ronin-S: Setup

In The Spotlight – Part 1

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Ronin-S Setup: What to Expect when you Open the Box

The time is almost here!

When DJI first announced the Ronin-S at CES 2018 in January, it got us all very excited.

And ahead of its much-anticipated release, we’re breaking down the ins and outs of DJI’s first ever single-handed stabiliser for DSLR’s.

First up in our four-part Ronin-S’ Spotlight Series: here’s our step-by-step guide on what to expect when you first open the Ronin-S and how to put it together.

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What’s in the Box?

The first thing you’ll see after removing DJI’s custom white card cover will be their robust grey-foam Storage Case – emblazoned with DJI Ronin-S on both sides and a handle on top – similar to a briefcase.

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Your brand-new Ronin-S will come constructed; with all parts and accessories in different compartments – highlighting the Ronin-S’ ability to fit in small or tight spaces due to its detachable, modular design.

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In the storage case, you will find one Gimbal, a BG37 Grip, Camera Mounting Plate, Focus Wheel, RSS IR Control Cable, Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C), Lens Support, Camera Riser, Extended Grip/Tripod, Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-B), USB-C Cable, 24W USB Power Adaptor, Accessories Box, Alien Wrench and a Hook-and-Loop Strap for gimbal.

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The main elements of the Ronin-S are the gimbal and battery grip.

The Ronin-S’ extended grip can be folded – and used as either an extension of the handle for extended stability – or unfolded and act as a tripod.

The Accessories Box

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The Camera Riser can be used with smaller or lighter cameras.

The Infrared Remote Start-Stop Control Cable is compatible with Canon and Sony cameras, while the Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C) works for Panasonic GH5 and others with the same connecter and the Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-B) works alongside specific cameras including the Nikon D850.

The USB-C Cable connects the Ronin-s to a computer for firmware updates – stay tuned for part four of the Ronin-S series to learn how to do that – and can also be used for charging in conjunction with the 24-watt USB Power Adapter, which is included.

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Now that you know what to expect when unboxing your brand-new Ronin-S, stay tuned for the Part 2 where we show you how to balance the advanced camera stabiliser.

Still need to get your hands on the Ronin-S? You can buy yours here – with 12 months warranty, 0% finance and business leasing available across all DJI equipment, plus lifetime technical support from our experts!

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