Ronin-S: Balancing

In The Spotlight – Part 2

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Ronin-S Balancing

Ahead of the much-anticipated Ronin S release, we’re breaking down the in’s and outs of DJI’s first ever single-handed stabiliser for DSLR’s.

Second up in the Ronin-S ‘In the Spotlight’ series is our step-by-step guide on balancing the Ronin-S before you use it.


1. Mount the grip to the gimbal and toggle the lever to the locked position.

Ronin-S Balancing - 1-min

2. Attach the standard tripod to the grip.

Ronin-S Balancing - 2

3. Unfold the tripod and place it on a level surface.

Ronin-S Balancing - 3

4. Align the screws on the focus wheel with the M4 screw holes on the gimbal’s 8-pin ports and tighten the two screws on the focus wheel.

Ronin-S Balancing - 4

5. Mount the camera dovetail plate to the camera and secure it with the screw.

Ronin-S Balancing - 5

6. Attach the lens support to the camera dovetail plate to secure the lens.

Ronin-S Balancing - 6

7. Tighten the gimbal pan axis’, roll axis’ and tilt axis’ knobs.

Ronin-S Balancing - 7

8. Slide the camera with the camera dovetail plate mounted onto the camera mounting base and tighten the lock.

Ronin-S Balancing - 8

Tilt Axis

9. On the Tilt Axis, rotate the lens and ensure that the camera faces upwards vertically and check whether the camera is balanced.

Ronin-S Balancing - 9

10. If the camera is top or bottom heavy, push the tilt axis arm up or down. Make sure to unlock the lever first.

Ronin-S Balancing - 10

11. Once you have balanced it, tighten the knob.

Ronin-S Balancing - 11

12. If the camera faces upwards vertically and stays still, the camera is balanced.

Ronin-S Balancing - 12

13. Make the camera point forward and check whether the camera is balanced, if the camera is top or bottom heavy, push the mounting plate arm backward or forward.

Ronin-S Balancing - 13

14. Toggle the lever to the locked position until the camera stays still when rotating the tilt axis by 45 degrees upwards or downwards.

Ronin-S Balancing - 14

Roll Axis

15. Hold and fix the roll axis motor and check whether the camera is balanced.

Ronin-S Balancing - 15

16. If the left end of the roll axis is tilted downwards, the camera is left heavy. Push the Roll Axis’s arm to the right.

Ronin-S Balancing - 16

17. Tighten the Roll Axis knob then adjust the camera by rotating the camera to the left or right by 45 degrees. If the camera can stay still, the Roll Axis is balanced.

Ronin-S Balancing - 17

Pan Axis

18. Grab the grip and tilt it sideways then check the gimbal’s movement.

Ronin-S Balancing - 18

19. If the gimbal is tilted to the right or left, push the pan axis arm forward or backward.

Ronin-S Balancing - 19

20. Tighten the knob and tilt the grip sideways again, if the camera stays still then the Ronin-S is balanced.

Ronin-S Balancing - 20

Powering On

21. Press the grip power button once to turn on the battery.

Ronin-S Balancing - 21

22. Then press and hold the gimbal power button to power on the Ronin-S.

Ronin-S Balancing - 22

Now your Ronin-S setup is balanced and ready to go. Happy shooting!

Stay tuned for the next part of our Ronin-S: In the Spotlight Series – Operating Modes.

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