Parrot Launch Their New Portable Smart Drone ‘Anafi’

The Parrot ANAFI is Here…

Following an exciting count-down on their website, Parrot has announced the launch of their new smart drone, the Anafi. Poised to rival DJI’s Mavic Air, the Anafi is a lightweight and ultra-compact aircraft, featuring a 4K HDR camera to capture high-quality video and images on the move.

The Anafi also features a 180° tilt gimbal that we haven’t seen before, so you can be sure this drone will capture impressive shots from above and below. The 4K HDR camera on a 3-axis gimble allows the operator to capture seamless video footage, with the option of 2.8x zoom available without losing any quality. It’s packed with advanced technology features including 1/2.4’’ 21MP CMOS Sony® Sensor, wide-angle f/2.4 ASPH lens and 35mm focal length equivalent: 23-69mm (photo), so you can take those high-quality, professional images.

The outer shell is made with carbon fibre to enhance durability and ensure the aircraft weighs in at only 320g. An impressive feat, considering it’s robust enough to feature 31 mph (50 kmh) wind resistance and can reach speeds of up to 33mph when in Sport Mode. Perfect for our blustery British weather!

It’s fast and easy folding system makes the aircraft and controller ultra-compact for operators on-the-move. Plus, it has a USB-C portable charging system to quickly boost the smart battery via your smartphone, tablet or pc. Anafi is also compatible with power delivery chargers that charge up to 60% faster than regular 5W USB-A.

Packed with Intelligent Flight Modes

The Anafi is super-quiet and has a 25-minute maximum flight time, making it a worthy adventure travel companion. You can fly confidently with the Smart RTH (Return to Home) and Find My Drone features, and by setting safety parameters with its Geofence system.

Parrot’s piloting interface, FreeFlight 6, enables you to easily utilize the intelligent flight modes, including CineShots, SmartDronies, Slow-Motion, Hyperlapse, Cameraman, Follow Me, Dolly Zoom (first conceived by Alfred Hitchcock and Irmin Roberts in the film ‘Vertigo’), Boomerang, Orbit, Tornado and Parabola.

The Perfect Fit for your Kit

The best thing about the Anafi is that (in comparison to similar aircraft on the market) it won’t break your budget. Priced at £629.99, the box includes; 1 Parrot Anafi Drone with Smart Battery, 1 Parrot Skycontroller 3, 1 Carry case, 16 GB Micro-SD card, 1 USB-A to USB-C cable, 8 Additional propeller blades and 1 Mounting tool – meaning you’ve got everything you need to integrate an aerial platform into your commercial photography or videography kit for the price of a new lens! At a lower price-point, it’s a strong contender for the DJI Mavic Air (RRP £769). It looks like we’ll have to wait and see who comes out on top…

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