Do Mandatory Drone Qualifications Signal a New Era for Drone Pilots?

a drone qualification training session with several people

The UK drone laws are about to have a bit of a shake-up. With mandatory drone qualifications being a key factor and drone training becoming a necessity, it spells big changes for drone pilots.

Drones are still a relatively new invention, still finding their place in society in regards to rules and regulations. Due to an extremely small minority causing safety incidents involving aeroplanes, there have been calls for drone laws to be altered to maintain a sense of security in the skies. Those calls have been heard and the UK is soon to undergo changes to its drone laws.

Due to the widespread popularity of drones, the career path of professional drone piloting has become increasingly popular as well. With the current set of rules, pilots have a fair amount of freedom in regards to drone use and what drone training they require to operate their device. However, the upcoming drone laws are set to change that a lot of that. Here are a few of the vital points to take note of.

Mandatory Drone Training Will Thin the Herd

Drones have become hugely popular as a recreational device, as well as a valuable commercial tool. The multi-purpose nature of drones has created an enormous following of hobbyists and professional drone pilots — a following that continues to grow due to the accessibility and lack of rules on mandatory drone training.

When the new changes come into play (no date confirmed as of yet), drones weighing more than 250 grams will need to be registered, pilots will have to pass a safety course before flying, and there has even been talk of setting an age restriction. All of these requirements make it a less simple task to take to the skies, therefore meaning that those who do fly drones will be the more serious and committed of the bunch.

More Drone Training, Less ‘Pick Up and Play’ Mentality

A drone may look like a recreational device that can just be picked up and played with at first glance. In reality, though, they’re a complicated piece of tech that requires plenty of practice and patience to become an adept pilot. This is why drone flying courses are so beneficial to drone owners, but the fact still remains that many people will adopt the ‘learn while you go’ approach.

The pick-up-and-play mentality is undoubtedly one of the reasons why there are so many amateur pilots out there that lack the skill and knowledge of the laws to fly a drone safely. When you consider how dangerous a drone could be in the hands of someone who is unaware of the laws, it was only a matter of time before stricter ruling was brought in. Hopefully, this will thin the herd in the sense that those who remain are serious and sensible enough to get the drone training required.

A New Breed of Professional Drone Pilots

Continuing on from the previous point: the new restrictions will help to filter out any pilots who aren’t concerned about drone safety and could put people at risk. This, in turn, will create a new breed of highly-skilled, knowledgeable drone pilots who will raise the bar for what is expected of the modern-day UAV specialist.

Not only will this be good for the drone industry, but also other industries that use drones in its day-to-day operations (media, construction, agriculture, delivery), as the pilots will be more capable. This means the ability of pilots and the feats that they can achieve will massively increase.

Drone Flying Lessons Reduce the Chance of Accidents

Safety is a vital concern with anything that has the potential to be dangerous, which is why the change to UK drone laws is a necessary step moving forwards. Although they are a small device, drones are still able to cause a lot of problems, an example being issues at airports because of drones veering into the airspace of planes trying to land.

Mandatory drone safety courses, drone flying lessons, drone registration and the deterrent of jail time if the laws are neglected all contribute to a safer future of drone use. This will lead to pilots who are more capable in regards to flight because of drone training, and more aware of the laws and how to follow them. This gives us a much better chance of reducing accidents or incidents caused by the misuse of drones.

If you are yet to receive any drone training or lessons regarding the rules and regulations, now’s the time. Here at Uplift Drone Training, we teach our students the skills and knowledge required to fly safely and successfully. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a course today!


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