Increased Female Interest in Drone Training Spells Good News for the Industry

Woman holding a drone ready for drone training

Although the opportunities in the drone industry are equal in regards to gender, the fact remains that male pilots have dominated it. This was until recently when we noticed the increase in female drone training participants, which is an excellent sign for the industry.

Every industry, hobby, or sport has had to have the gender equality conversation at some point. Although in the past, many of the above were dominated and often sexist towards women, it’s pleasing to see the fairness and benefits of gender equality in many walks of life today.

The drone industry is in no way sexist or ‘aimed at’ men, but it is still dominated by an abundance of male pilots. However, that could be in the process of changing, as here at Uplift Drone Training, we have noticed a considerable increase in women applying for drone training and qualifications.

The increased female interest in drone training is not only an overdue and exciting notion but a very good sign of progression and evolution for the drone industry as a whole. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the reasons why we’re particularly positive about it.

The Drone Industry Shouldn’t Be a ‘Boys Club’

At present, it seems that the perception of the drone industry is that is has become a ‘boys club’, as the current image and PR for drones appears to be more appealing to males. Although this wouldn’t have been intentional, the fact remains that women — as far as statistics lead us to believe — haven’t been as eager to fly drones as their male counterparts.

This is definitely something that needs to change if the drone industry wants to progress and benefit from female influence. The increase in women taking drone flying courses is a step in the right direction and a huge positive for the drone industry.

More Females Taking Drone Flying Courses Will be Good for the Industry

More females undertaking drone training is fantastic for the progression of the drone community, but an increase in female consumers is also hugely beneficial for the industry. It will hopefully encourage more women to fly drones and affect the way drone companies design and promote their devices for a universal target market.

As it stands, around 90% of drone users are male, which is a massive gender gap when you consider how instrumental women have been in other industries over the years. With more women taking an interest in drones, it will send the right message to other females with interest in technology or UAV. Not only that; it may well point out the subconscious bias towards men to figureheads of the drone industry, with hopes of getting more women involved.

Increased Female Drone Training Means More Female Drone Professionals

Drones have swooped in and made a home for themselves in a wide range of industries. In turn, this has created an abundance of career opportunities for drone pilots looking to apply their skills in a professional environment. The lack of women currently involved with drones obviously means that men have the monopoly of the professional drone industry. More female interest in drone training is a strong sign that we’ll soon be seeing an equal representation of men and women taking to the skies.

Commercial drones are already making big steps in the media, construction, agriculture, security and delivery industries. For only a small percentage of women to be involved in this new era of technology is ridiculous, especially if it restricts the possibilities for women hoping to become professional drone pilots. It’s clear that the drone industry hasn’t intentionally created a male-heavy environment, but it’s something that needs to be rectified.

More women taking drone flying courses is a small, yet significant step, and one we are delighted to see and support.

Are you a female drone pilot interested in improving your skills? We have a brilliant team of drone experts and former pilots who are eager to help! Get in touch today and book a drone flying course with Uplift Drone Training.


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