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Learn How The Media Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Drone Solutions

Modern drone technology is the gateway to developing your media or film career to take it to the next level. Join the thousands of Media & Film Industry leaders who are discovering how their operations can be enhanced with UAV applications. From live events and journalism to fairy tale weddings and the movie sets of Hollywood, find out how you and your organisation can benefit from our expert, industry-tailored drone training solutions.


Drones in Journalism & Media

Aerial footage is fast becoming an integral part of journalism, events, TV and film. Journalists can carry their compact drone equipment with them at all times, meaning news outlets have access to large-scale aerial footage within minutes of an event occurring. The many affordable SUA’s, high-quality cameras and gimbles on the market mean that drones will likely become a prominent fixture of the media industry in 2018 and beyond.


Getting the Money Shot

Drones are increasingly being used in the big-screen as an alternative to helicopters; they can safely fly closer to actors, objects and buildings, you get a greater sense of speed and movement, and they’re far more cost effective than chartering a helicopter. Notable movies that feature drone footage include Skyfall, Logan, The Wolf of Wall Street and Jurassic World.


Opportunities for Commercial Work

Drones have become a popular modern solution for businesses looking to produce high-quality promotional video content. They have also launched commercial photographers and videographers towards exciting development opportunities within the wedding and events sectors. Gaining a CAA PfCO is a simple and cost-effective option for those wanting to take their media career to the next level.

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