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Learn How The Construction Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Drone Solutions

Predicted as the biggest growth market for drone technology, the Construction Industry is seeing an increased requirement for modern drone solutions. From improved data collection and project management to better-quality health & safety, drone solutions provide quick results that require less manpower, so your costs can be reduced and projects delivered on time. Join the thousands of industry leaders who are discovering how their construction sites and business operations can be enhanced with drone training for UAV applications.


Stick to your Budget

Increase the accuracy and cut the time taken to get your quotes and estimates with drone mapping & surveying, whilst keeping well within your budget. Project management can be enhanced with the use of aerial sitemaps to monitor and calculate the progress of your projects, from planning through to completion. Integrating drone solutions into everyday business operations is fast-becoming a key factor for the construction industry, due to the benefits leading to improved time and cost management.


Improve Health & Safety

When it comes to building inspection, drones can help to save time and physical manpower by scaling those high, hard to reach spaces in a fraction of the time. Problems can be detected quickly and easily, and fixed to remain efficient whilst ensuring minimal disruption to daily site operations. UAV solutions allow you to reserve your human resources by allocating them elsewhere, whilst practicing better-quality health and safety.


Knowledge is Power

Convert your site survey data into 2D Maps and 3D Models for quick analysis and reporting. Construction errors can be spotted early by comparing as-built orthophotos with as-design drawings, before they impact later stages of the build. Alternatively, schedule diagrams derived from BIM can be imported and compared to ensure the project is on-track. Software such as Pix4D allows you to consolidate your data into one place, making it easier for reports to be accessed by clients and stakeholders.

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