Drones in the Business World and the Need for Drone Qualifications

a commercial drone delivering a package

Technology has revolutionised the business world for many years now, but it’s safe to say that drones are one of the more unique and exciting developments in recent memory. Drones entering a commercial environment will increase the need for safety, and therefore make drone qualifications a necessity.

Drones are very much the talk of the town right now, with changes being made to UK drone legislation. This will make drone qualifications and safety courses a mandatory requirement for drone pilots with a device weighing more than 250 grams.

They may have started out as a new and exciting tool for aviation enthusiasts, but drones have now firmly established themselves as a valuable resource in the business world. Commercial drones have not only created new career paths for professional pilots and drone experts; they are transforming a broad range of industries, too, by demonstrating the advantages of an unmanned flying device. Here are a few ways commercial drones are changing the business world.

Media and Television

The commonly recognised use of commercial drones is for video footage online, on television and in films. Unless you have avoided these media platforms altogether for the last couple of years, you will have noticed drone shots in a wide range of content. Sure, drones provide angles and views of landscapes that are simply unattainable with other equipment, but they’re also a much more financially viable option than hiring a helicopter.

The introduction of drones in the media industry not only provides beautiful and engaging bird’s eye view footage, but it’s also a breath of fresh air from the mass of CGI amidst this type of content. Drones are very much a game-changer for hands on directors who prefer their projects to remain untouched by computer graphics, especially when the product is as brilliant and unique as drone footage.

The increased popularity of drones across various media platforms has made commercial drone piloting a viable career path in this industry, and the demand for this type of professional is only going to grow more. With so much potential for a lucrative career, it makes it all the more necessary to attain drone qualifications so that you can begin to take on projects as soon as possible.


The construction industry has consistently evolved thanks to modern technology. Advanced machinery and tools make day-to-day tasks and long-term projects more realistic and achievable in a shorter amount of time. Drones are one of the newer and, indeed, most diverse additions to the construction tool kit.

Commercial drones are now used for a variety of important tasks, including health and safety sweeps, as well as mapping and imagery of buildings and site locations. With access to this type of technology and gaining these results with relative ease, it’s a pretty safe bet that drones will maintain a permanent presence in the construction industry.

Delivery Services

Amazon unveiled a delivery drone service back in 2013, which is now known more commonly as Amazon Prime Air. It’s a service which stands to completely revolutionise the delivery process with, Amazon stating that customers will receive their parcel in “30 minutes or less”. Although there have already been successful drone deliveries, it will be a while yet before drone delivery is an everyday occurrence all over the world.

Drone legislations are set to change in the UK, meaning that commercial pilots will have to obtain the necessary drone qualifications and register their device before they can fly. If you’re currently a commercial drone pilot and have yet to attend drone flying courses, doing so as soon as possible is key to keeping within future regulations.

Increased Need for Drone Qualifications

With major companies such as Amazon embracing the commercial drone trend, as a professional drone pilot, you could stand to make a lot of money. Without the required drone qualifications — particularly since legislation is becoming stricter regarding drone use — you won’t be allowed to operate a commercial drone.

Here at Uplift Drone Training, our team is made up of professional drone pilots and aviation experts, all of which have at least 10 years of experience in their chosen areas of expertise. Not only will you be in the most capable hands to further advance your commercial drone flying skills, but you will also benefit from an abundance of knowledge about the latest rules and regulations to abide by.

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