How Drone Qualifications Can Benefit Your Media Career

Drone being flown over a frozen lake

Drones are used more and more for commercial purposes these days, and the media world is where they are most prominent. If you currently work in video or photography drone training could be a huge benefit to your career.

Many industries have been affected by the evolution of technology, and the media industry — whether it’s film, television, photography, etc. — is consistently at the forefront of modern tech. This point has been reiterated recently with the active presence of drones in film and TV, most notably in BBC’s Planet Earth II, in which drone footage provided an engaging and unique view of the various landscapes and wildlife.

Granted, your first gig as a professional drone pilot probably won’t be under the employ of Sir David Attenborough, but everybody has to start somewhere. Drone flying courses are a perfect first step to benefit your media career. Here are a few reasons why!

Drones Are Becoming More and More Popular

Drones are very popular and have been for quite some time now, showing that they’re not a phase or trend that will disappear anytime soon. Compared to other popular items that have been and gone, drones genuinely offer lots of value in a commercial sense. This means that as long as companies benefit from drones, they won’t be going anywhere, nor will the need for drone pilots.

Drone training will increase your skill as a drone pilot and improve your knowledge of the various drone rules and regulations. This will benefit you greatly for day-to-day use of your drone, as well as demonstrate to employers that you’re someone who has taken steps to improve as a professional.

Drone Training is a Unique Qualification to Have

In the media industry, there is a wide range of roles and career paths to choose from, all of which are spread across many platforms such as video, photography, sound, animation and plenty more. Although they are hugely varied, they do follow a similar pattern in regards to the qualifications the average media professional will have, which is why something unique like drone qualifications will make you stand out from the crowd.

All areas of the media world are fiercely competitive, with a huge number of freelancers looking to kick-start a career. If your particular talents focus on film, television, or photography, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter drone use at some point and be asked if you’re able to operate one. If this happens and you’re able to respond with the fact that you’re a well-trained drone pilot, it’s safe to say you’re a shoo-in for the job.

Drone Qualifications Show You’re Someone Who’s Eager to Improve

Although qualifications aren’t what defines you as a professional, they do go a long way in showing that you’re willing to learn and grow. Drones are still a relatively new piece of tech, especially in a commercial sense, so taking drone flying courses demonstrates that you’re eager to improve your knowledge of the most recent trends in your field.

A professional that adapts and enhances their skill-set is someone that shows great potential, no matter what industry they’re in. The opportunities that drones are now giving pilots are too good to miss out on, especially if you fancy yourself as someone with an aptitude for tech-based devices. To some, drones may be a novelty, but to you, it could be an opening for a career that allows you to see the world and work on some amazing projects.

Drone Qualifications Are an Ideal CV Addition for Freelancing

The digital age has become a breeding ground for freelancers and is redefining the modern professional. The percentage of freelancers amongst the world’s workforce is growing every year and the media industry is one that relies heavily on the skills and efforts of freelance individuals. With a multitude of freelance media professionals — AKA your competition — your CV will never be a finished product. There will always be room for exciting additions.

The business world has fully embraced drones and many industries prosper because of it. As a freelance drone pilot, you’ll be able to apply your skills to many aspects of media, but also other industries if you should feel the need. Our courses teach you to be a worthy pilot, but also how to apply certain aspects of drone flight to various industries. Today, your work may demand the needs of a media pro. Tomorrow, construction site mapping. The next day, who knows?

Are you a media professional looking for other avenues to expand your skill-set and make money? Drone qualifications could be just what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and book a course with Uplift Drone Training today!


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