DJI Spark Firmware Update with DJI GO 4

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Featured Image

How to update your DJI Spark firmware

Here at Uplift, we know we drone on (punny) about how we want to help – but we really do mean it, we’re all about giving a helping hand when we can.

We know that Firmware updates can be frustrating– so we’ve broken them down for you into this simple step-by-step guide.

Before you begin the update, make sure that the aircraft’s and remote controller’s battery level is more than 50%.

1. Power on the aircraft.

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Step 1

2. Ensure that your mobile device is connected to a network with an Internet connection, then launch the DJI GO 4 app.

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Step 2

3. If there is an update, a “New firmware update is available!” notification will be shown on the home screen of DJI GO 4. Tap ‘Update Now’ to enter the Update Firmware screen.

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Step 3

4. Tap ‘Download Now to begin the download.

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Step 4

5. After the firmware had been downloaded, connect to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi and tap “Start Update”.

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Step 5

6. After the update is complete, tap ‘OK’ on the ‘Update Complete’ prompt.

DJI Spark Firmware Update - Step 6

Now your DJI Phantom 4 Pro’s and remote controller are ready to go and you can get back in the skies with the latest firmware.

Happy flying!

Accidents happen, it’s part of human nature. That’s why we’ve introduced our brand-new repair centre; for all your repair needs. Whether you need an entire aircraft fixed or a simple new propeller, please visit our new repair centre page or contact our highly trained technical team of experts on 0330 111 8800.

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