DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Modes – Explained

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DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Modes – Explained

The DJI Mavic Air may just be one of the best drones ever made – it did top our list of the best drones this year after all.

And with a brand-new drone you’d expect a tonne of brand-new features – which the Mavic Air has in abundance – plus several Intelligent Flight modes to enjoy, including a few new ones!

Here is the breakdown of the Mavic Air’s best Intelligent Flight Modes:


QuickShots are automated sequences that allow you to capture cinematic footage automatically without having to flying the drone yourself.

Because the drone flies by itself, it makes the mode very easy to use.

There are several different QuickShot modes, all of which allow you to get several different types of shots throughout the time with your Mavic Air.


When flying in the dronie mode, the drone flies away from you but also picks up some altitude in the process, giving you a cinematic picture.

The Dronie mode allows you to show location from above from large distances, with the option to choose the final distance you go to with the drone.

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The Circle feature is self-explanatory. The drone will make a circle at the same altitude that you have chosen around your subject.

You can choose to go either clockwise or anti-clockwise around the subject and can give fantastic panoramic shots of your location and its scenery.

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In the helix mode, your drone will fly around your subject in a spiral but also gain altitude while you can again choose your distance and direction.

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Again, pretty self-explanatory. The Rocket mode will just head straight up but can give you fantastic aerial shots.

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This is one of the new modes for the Mavic Air. The boomerang mode flies the drone around the subject in an oval upwardly slope with it finishing once again at the start point.

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The final quickshot mode is another new one for the Mavic Air. Like the Dronie mode, the drone movies away from the subject in an upward motion.

But once it hits the chosen altitude, it begins to take photos – which we have seen in the panorama mode – and stitches them together and gives it the ‘little planet’ effect that has been seen in panoramic modes in the DJI Spark.

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The drone will follow the subject you have chosen – that can be anything from a car to a cat – automatically.

One of the best features about ActiveTrack whether you use trace, profile or spotlight mode is that you can follow the subject and fly the drone simultaneously, so the drone can rotate around the subject that you are following – allowing difficult shots to become easier

While in Trace ActiveTrack mode, the drone will track the subject from in front or behind while you move the slider which you’ll see on your screen to circle around the subject

Profile ActiveTrack follows the subject from the side, while you can also rotate the drone slightly and in Spotlight the camera stays facing forward on the subject, while the flight pattern can be controlled independently.

Each ActiveTrack mode has its own unique capabilities but all are great for tracking a moving object, creating some unique, dynamic cinematic shots in the process.

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SmartCapture is basically Gesture Control and with the Mavic Air you get a very smooth and responsive shot.

Make sure that when you use SmartCapture there is plenty of light around so that it can recognise you and also make sure to put the propeller guards on just in case.

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Tripod mode reduces the flight speed and the sensitivity of the controls to give you much more stable shots.

Tripod mode is perfect for shooting in tight spaces and gives you a lovely steady shot.

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Cinematic Mode

Cinematic mode allows you to shoot more stable and smooth photos and videos due to the aircraft’s yaw speed being slower and braking distance is longer.

Your drone will respond slower to commands and stick movements, essentially giving a more more cinematic shot.

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TapFly will essentially fly the drone for you and all you have to do is tap on the screen and tell the drone where you want it to go!

It’s very simple to use, once you have chosen your destination, all you have to do is choose the speed with the slider on the right-hand side in four different modes, with the drone able to go forward, reverse free or co-ordinate.

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mavic air

Point of Interest

In this mode, the drone will rotate itself around a specific point that you have chosen

The mode provides you with a lot of data even before you start flying and allows you to choose the direction, speed, radius and altitude of the drone to give again give you a very smooth and stable shot.

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