DJI Launch the New Zenmuse XT2 Payload in Partnership with FLIR

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DJI Launch the New XT2 Payload in Partnership with FLIR

In April 2016, following a fruitful partnership with FLIR – the industry leading imaging systems developer established back in 1978 – DJI brought us the original Zenmuse XT payload. Capable of rapid and precise thermal imaging, and compatible with the M100, M200 Series, Inspire 1 and M600, this payload helped DJI cement their place as a world-leader of commercial drone technology, systems and solutions.

Last week, DJI & FLIR launched the newest payload in this series – the Zenmuse XT2 dual sensor camera. Let’s take a closer look…

New Features

Dual Sensors

The most exciting upgrade to the XT2 is arguably its dual sensor configuration, comprised of the FLIR Tau 2 radiometric thermal sensor and 4K visual camera. Allowing the XT2 to achieve thermal and visual imaging either side by side, overlapping, or however the operator wants it to be displayed. With its FLIR MSX® smart feature, you can even overlay thermal data onto the visual imaging for quick analysis in real-time.

Water Resistance

With a protection rating of IP44, the XT2 certainly earns its ‘weatherproof’ title and operators can fly confidently through light rain – assuming their aircraft is also water resistant!

XT2 Payload Infographic

Smart Features

All of the XT2’s smart features can be applied in situ, enabling the operator to gain real-time insight and understanding of the selected object or environment.

Temp Alarm

The operator receives an instant alarm notification when an object’s temperature exceeds the pre-set limits.

Temp Check

You can get real-time temperatures by simply selecting an object or area in view.

Quick Track

To focus on one object or area in a busy or hazardous environment, you can select it so the XT2 fixes onto and automatically stays focussed on it.

Heat Track

In a variegated environment, the XT2 will automatically fix onto the highest temperature object in the area.


You can select a specific temperature range or band to concentrate the XT2’s focus on.

Colour Palettes

The operator can modify the colours that are automatically applied to the data sets, so it’s clearer to understand and analyse.

PiP Options

You can adjust how the thermal and visual feeds display, so they are easier to interpret in real-time.


The XT2 will overlay thermal data over the visual imagery, so the data can be quickly interpreted.

Commercial Applications

The XT2 is applicable across a wealth of commercial operations and industries, including Search & Rescue, Inspection, Roofing, Energy, Agriculture, and Firefighting.

As Chris Dennebaum, Fire Captain at Menlo Park Fire District explains, “With these new real-time visualisation settings, we can immediately interpret this aerial data and quickly make detailed, tactical decisions on how to proceed with our rescue operations.”

Aircraft Compatibility

As expected, the XT2 is compatible with some of DJI’s most powerful and robust aerial platforms, including the M200, M210, M210 RTK and M600 Pro.


DJI Pilot

DJI has developed the purpose-built DJI Pilot app, designed for their enterprise customers to get the most out of their commercial operations when using DJI products such as the XT2. Highlights include:
•   Select & adjust Spotlight Pro intelligent flight modes
•   Select area & parameters for Temp Alarm feature
•   On-screen temperature readings
•   Access to Smart Features incl. Colour Palette, Isotherm & additional thermal settings

So, what does the Zenmuse XT2 payload mean for Commercial Drone Operators in the UK?

The release of the XT2 spells technological advancement for many commercial drone operations across multiple industries in the UK. We predict this technology will increasingly be used for firefighting operations, search and rescue operations and energy inspection, with additional applications seeing a rise in use soon after. We’re excited to see the positive impact this technology will have across the UK and beyond.

Learn More About Zenmuse XT2

We stock the full range of DJI Zenmuse Payloads including the new XT2, with price available on application.

If you’d like to discuss using Zenmuse XT2 for your commercial operations, please contact our technical team on 0330 111 8800 (option 3) or email us at [email protected].


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