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Flight Test Guidance

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  • 1 day
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  • Max 10 people per course

Flight Test: Guidance

We have to assess you as a SAFE commercial SUA operator to recommend you to the CAA for your PfCO. You should treat the flight test as a commercial job, doing everything you state in your Operations Manual.

The flight test is an assessment of your abilities to operate a SUA safely as a commercial operator. This includes planning, paperwork, setting up and operating the SUA. We are assessing that you are safe at all times, and that the safety of the aircraft and environment (including people, buildings etc.) it’s operating in is never in doubt.

The test takes approximately 1.5 hours, however this may vary. Always allow ample travel time to and from your booking location.

Requirements for Flight Test:

  • Theory Exam has been passed.
  • Operations Manual has been reviewed and passed by the Uplift Drones training team OR Uplift Drones’ procedures learned before Flight Test (Fast Track route).
  • We require a minimum of 5 hours of logged flight time; this is to ensure you are able to successfully pass your Flight Test and you meet the minimum standard required.
  • Insurance in place with proof provided.
  • Risk Assessment & Site Assessment paperwork.


  • Appropriate weather.
  • A drone! If you do not yet have an aircraft, please speak to us about hiring or purchasing a drone for the Flight Test.
  • Safety equipment; you can purchase our flight safety starter kit for your practical Flight Test here.

The cost of the Flight Test is included in our Advanced, Commercial Enterprise, Fast Track and Pilot’s PfCO drone training courses.

Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the Practical Flight Test. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please contact us to book your Flight Test.

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