CAA Warns of Increasing ‘Illegal Drone Operators’

CAA Warns of Increasing Illegal Drone Operators

As the drone industry continues to go from strength to strength, an increasing number of people are paying operators to fly drones for commercial use.

But while there are thousands of Civil Activation Authority (CAA) commercially approved drone operators across the UK, the organisation has warned that there are a growing number of illegal operators offering their services to fly drones for money without the correct permission and insurance.

Without the proper training, allowing someone to fly a drone who doesn’t have the correct training is not only a potential safety risk, but if they are also not correctly insured, it could cause a huge headache were the worst to happen while out flying.

In order to avoid becoming victim of one of these illegal operators, here are several things that commercial drone operators must have before being allowed to fly your drone commercially.

Anyone looking to be paid to fly a drone must first be an approved operator with the CAA’s Permission for Commercial Operations or PFCO as it is commonly referred to.

This permission guarantees that the operator has the necessary flying skills – which have generally been picked up while attending a specific training course – but also knows the safety rules and is correctly insured.

Once those operators have been given permission by the CAA, they will also have been given a document from the CAA stating as such, so before letting anyone fly your drone, make sure to ask to see the documents to know that they are an official operator.

The CAA’s Jonathan Nicholson told the company’s website: “Anyone looking to hire a drone pilot must check that they are properly approved. That’s your guarantee that you are hiring someone with the suitable qualifications and experience. And in the unlikely situation that something goes wrong and potentially property gets damaged they will have the right insurance to cover any costs.

“The UK’s drone industry is expanding rapidly, but to make sure we achieve its full potential we need drone operators to follow the rules and fly safely.”

For a full list of approved operators, you can visit

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