BSI Issues BS 9122 Draft for Public Comment

bs 9122

BSI Issues BS 9122 Draft for Public Comment

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has released a drafted document – named BS 9122 – for public comment outlining a new standard of specifications for drone users in the hope of improving standards across the UK drone industry.

The BSI, alongside other organisations such as the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), are starting to bring in their own standards to cover a number of factors including operating, manufacturing and defining the best practices for training due to the fast-growing nature of the industry.

Meeting the new BS 9122 standard is entirely voluntary and does not replace current CAA or future EASA legislation. It will be predominately aimed at helping organisations that want to employ drone services at set high standards and drone operators who aim to meet those set high standards.

The draft largely reflects the current syllabus in place in CAP 722, however it does go beyond that syllabus in certain areas. The BS 9122 not only suggests that there should be basic medical fitness for commercial operations, but it also drills down into the remote pilot syllabus subjects further than existing guidance.

Comments on the draft from all commercial drone service provides and drone service users are encouraged as it will make sure that relevant comments and amendments are accurately taken before the standard is finalised in August later this year.

With this draft, the BSI hopes to act as a starting point in setting a higher level in the UK drone industry and is expected to have further standards added to it before it is finalised.

These new standards – alongside improved professionalism throughout the industry – is just another step in the right direction for the ever-progressing commercial drone industry.

By abiding by this new set of standards, it not only gives potential clients of customers more confidence in the organisation, knowing they have applied the highest set of standards currently available in the industry, but also allows drone operators to continue to improve safety rules and regulations as well. Adherence to standards may also be used as a differentiator between suppliers in contract tenders, as already happens in other areas of industry.

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