Amazon Receives Patent for Hijack-proof Delivery Drones

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Amazon Receives Patent for Hijack-proof Delivery Drones

Amazon has finally received a patent for hijack-proof delivery drones, two years after first filing one.

The American electronic commerce and cloud computing company filed a patent under the title “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles” two years ago which was finally approved last week.

According to reports the patent is designed for delivery vehicles and is aimed at preventing certain individuals from taking over and hijacking their delivery drones.

Despite receiving the patent, there is no assurance that the technology will be built, but if it were to it could revolutionise the e-commerce company’s delivery; with Amazon previously speaking about the possibility of having a delivery drones capable of delivering people’s goods within an hour.

This patent is the latest in a long line of drone-related patents for Amazon which includes self-destruction when a failure is detected and drones that can respond to gestures and voice commands.

“As the use of [unmanned aerial vehicles] continues to increase, so does the likelihood of hostility towards UAVs. Such hostility may come in the form of attacks brought for any number of purposes (e.g. steal the UAVs and their payloads, crash the UAVs, and otherwise cause disruption to the operation of the UAVs),” says the patent.

The document – which is 19 pages long – then continues to describe how the fortified drones would then be constructed in-line with their drone delivery vision.

Image source: Amazon

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