Japanese company invents ‘hands-free’ drone umbrella

drone umbrella

Japanese company invents ‘hands-free’ drone umbrella

Have you ever been shading yourself from the sun and found yourself needing to use your hands for another something but can’t because you’ve holding your parasol? We’ve certainly all been there…

Well, never fear because Japanese company Asahi Power Service may just have solved the problem which has been troubling people for centuries.

They have invented the Free Parasol, a hands-free umbrella that uses UAV and AI technology to shelter you from the sun’s rays without having to tie up your hands.

Each Free Parasol will be fitted with artificial intelligence software which will detect the top of the user’s head and follow them as they walk, acting as a perfect shading device.

Current prototypes reportedly weigh just 5kg, 59 inches in diameter and contains enough battery to fly for approximately 20 minutes – but the company aims to get the weight down to just 1kg by the main release of the product in the hope of extending its flight time.

But following the release of a video showing the Free Parasol prototype in action, it does seem that Asahi Power Service do have a few technical issues to overcome before its release next year.

Firstly, the Free Parasol is supposed to move automatically, but in the video released by the company it appears that the device is being operated manually (so much for the hands-free drone umbrella…).

Similarly, it is not currently known how the device will perform in bad weather such as wind and rain – according to some reports the engine is not sealed off sufficiently for use in rainy conditions – so can only be used in the sun as opposed to, you know, the main use of the current (clearly outdated) manual umbrella that works in both sunny and poor weather conditions…

The Free Parasol is expected to go sale next year for an estimated 30,000 yen (£200), with golfers being the target market for use on private properties such as golf courses – as it is illegal to fly drones in densely populated areas in Japan.

The future is certainly here…

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